«The AAA operated as an umbrella organization, or as a collective name for the autonomous activities of many different groups operating across numerous cities. While the AAA initially emerged very much out of the mail art and pscyhogeography scene, their efforts were intended to take the practice of the collective name and extend it from being an artistic practice to a wider form of organizing and political action. (…) Among the AAA’s most noted actions was a protest outside the London headquarters of Lockheed Martin against the militarization of space held in 1999 as part of the J18 ‘Carnival Against Capitalism’. It featured the strange sight of police blocking men in space suits from entering the building. This also marked the beginning of the ‘Space 1999 – Ten Days that Shook the Universe’ festival. Given the then waxing expansion of the anti-globalization movement one might think that this would be an opportune moment for the expansion and proliferation of the AAA. Rather, it became the moment when the AAA decided that it was time, according to their own previously charted five-year plan, to move towards self-dissolution.»



Ewan Chardronnet. Résidence américaine de l’Institut Français, avec le soutien de l’University of California Institute for Research in the Arts, 2014.

Quitter la gravité. Anthologie de l’Association des Astronautes Autonomes


The present efforts of the Dionysus Programme are geared towards the Dreamtime project, through which AAA groups around the world are imagining what life will be like in autonomous communities in space. Dance settings provide a unique opportunity for collective dreaming, not the passive dreams of sleep, but the visions of the lived body in perfect motion.

“Take a dancing flight”,, 1999

We were told a few centuries ago that the world was flat. We have been told all along that the world is closed. My friends, the world is neither flat nor closed; the earth is both round and open. Our first seed pods in the form of Apollo astronauts and Russian cosmonauts have breached the placental membrane of the Van Allen belt. Our species, ready or not, or like it or not, is ready to move off the planet.

Timothy Leary, Space Migration, 1966