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«To begin, we want to share our joy with you . The joy we feel because as we write, we feel, that despite being locked inside the walls of captivity, a part of us is out there free along with you, discussing, doubting and planning new sabotages against the authority of the social apparatus. Because nowadays life has no secrets any more, no innerness… every niche of it is rational, like a mathematical equation, every movement is predictable, every feeling is measurable with a scoop. Each one of us is locked in the cell of his apartment and numbered through credit cards and tax returns, just like being in a prison. So maybe we are naive and dreamers, but we are certain that life is neither Marx’s nor Bakunin’s theories, not assemblies of purposeless words. Life is choices and actions that are being tried on the street. Enough with theory. We try to give duration in the tension of the moments, turning life into an adventure.»

Certain-e-s auront remarqué ces jours-ci, à Montréal et dans le monde, des drapeaux grecs fleurir aux balcons. Le 25 mars était célébré les 200 ans d’indépendance du pays, et c’est une célébration au moins aussi toxique que n’importe quel 24 juin, 14 juillet ou 1er ou 4 juillet. Contre tous les nationalismes, patriotismes et positivismes niais liés à la formation de gouvernements et de frontières, on trouvera ici quelques documents sur l’histoire récente du radicalisme grec, en feu et en musique, bien sûr sans trop d’organisation.

Pour être clair, il s’agit ici d’anarchisme insurrectionnel dont les partisan.e.s vivent dans certains cas hors-la-loi, en clandestinité depuis près de dix ans, dans d’autres cas demeurent à ce jour en prison. Les auteurs et autrices sont considéré-e-s comme terroristes par les services européens et américains, et leurs textes comme de la propagande pour la lutte armée, ce qui n’est pas entièrement une mauvaise lecture.

«La Conspiration des cellules de feu (en grec : Συνωμοσία των Πυρήνων της Φωτιάς, Synomosía Pyrínon Tis fotias) (SPF) est une organisation anarchiste insurrectionnelle grecque. L’organisation est apparue le 21 janvier 2008, avec une vague de 11 attaques à la bombe incendiaire contre des concessionnaires de voitures de luxe et des banques à Athènes et Thessalonique. Une vague d’attentats est née, souvent suivies de communiqués exprimant leur solidarité avec les anarchistes emprisonnés en Grèce ou ailleurs dans le monde.» (Wiki)

The enemy can be found in every mouth that speaks the language of domination. It is not exclusive to one or another race or social class. It doesn’t just consist of rulers and the whole potbellied suit-and-tie dictatorship. It is also the proletarian who aspires to be a boss, the oppressed whose mouth spits nationalist poison, the immigrant who glorifies life in western civilization but behaves like a little dictator among his own people, the prisoner who rats out others to the guards,
every mentality that welcomes power, and every conscience that tolerates it.

Synomosía ton Pyrínon tis Fotiás, 2011



The Anarchist Library : Conspiracy of Cells of Fire Documents


They Thought It Was over… but Now Everything Begins Again…
Letter from Olga Economidou, Giorgos Polidoros, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Damianos Bolano, Christos Tsakalos

We write now locked in our cells, dozens of kilometres away from one another, hostages where we were exiled by the vengefulness of the juridical authorities scattered in the prisons of greece, Corfu, Komotini, Grevena, Domokos, Thebes…

We write and we are certain that our voice, no matter how they try to bury it in the drowning cells of democracy, has the strength to still shout. To shout for freedom, for inversion, for revolution. Shout for another way of life were we will all be “kings” without slaves. For a world without authority, police and prisons.

We still have the thirst to speak of our struggle, about our rights and wrongs, about this unique journey to the oceans of mutiny where we wandered through the Conspiracy Cells of Fire. Because we, Olga Ekonomidou, Giorgos Polidoras, Damianos Bolano, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Christos Tsakalos, are a piece of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire and the Conspiracy is our way for the revolution.

Today more than ever, we are sure that our voice, together with the voices of our brothers, Gerasimos, Mihalis, Haris and Panagiotis, are linked with thousands of voices that preceded us and with thousands that will follow. Our decision to be organised in the Conspiracy Cells of Fire is the decision to stop seeing the life that was imposed on us with the eyes of a passive spectator and become perpetrators of our history. Transfer the revolution to first person, fight for ourselves, without inhibitions and postponements and to exist in the here and now of the new urban guerilla warfare.

This is why we decided to arm ourselves and to walk with our head held high against our faint-hearted era.

We never did fit in the narrow limits of an orthodox social struggle that speaks almost exclusively the language of economic analyses and the front of class struggle, flamboyantly ignoring the individual responsibility of the subjects of authority. We are hostile so much to the hand that holds the whip, as well as to the backs that accept it passively on them.

This is why we speak of the revolution of daily life, for the inversion of compromises, for untamed freedom, for the greed of desires, for the uniqueness of the individual.

We are not fooled by the crippled freedom they promise us on flat screens, in fast cars and in comfortable apartments. We seek the authentic side of life outside the limits of a society that reciprocates between angry outbreaks of economic claims and big intervals of hibernation. Not us, our comrades set fire to the quiet nights in the metropolis, despise the laws and have their vision clear of the hypocrisy of urban culture. We are the reversed image of society in the mirror. We are anarcho-individualists and nihilists and we know that we are conducting a minority strugglewith a powerful price. However we do not regret even a moment. Even imprisoned our conscience remains freer than ever.

Do not search therefore through police scripts and theories of communicating containers to find the causes that more young people abandon the certainty of a legal life, and choose revolutionary illegality and the new urban guerilla warfare as a choice of life. Do not wonder when new comrades with surplus courage raise their weapons against this system of death. Because its your system itself, the hypocrisy, poverty contextual and material, fake culture, empty relations, oppression, exploitation of nature, that “supplies” new urban guerilla warfare with dozens of undisciplined revolutionaries. This is why, the new urban guerilla warfare will never be defeated. But like the phoenix will be reborn from the ashes of a precarious defeat, even more stronger, even more threatening, even more liberating. And we were, are and will be there…


Informal Anarchist Federation-International Revolutionary Front


Olga Economidou

Giorgos Polidoros

Giorgos Nikolopoulos

Damianos Bolano

Christos Tsakalos

Members of the imprisoned cell of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire


We greet the direct reflective action of comrades from Volos, who on the afternoon of the same day of our arrest, assembled in the area and made a demo to the house where we stayed, cutting the ribbons of exclusion by the police and shouting chants. Such actions accentuate the hostilities and release “occupied” turfs from the police, showing that the capitulation will never come… Also the attacks with incendiary devices from Comrades warms our hearts, breaking the ice of isolation and captivity they want to impose on us. We send our warmest greeting to all the anarchist-incendiary groups and to the International Revolutionary Front-Informal Anarchist Federation which we will continue to promote with all our strength, because we are unrepentant accomplices in the same crime of the raging search for freedom.


From the hell-holes of the greek prisons we express our wholehearted solidarity to the comrades that are imprisoned in the democratic cells of Chile, carrying out a hunger strike for their release, pawning their own life. Brothers hold strong… no matter how far we are buried alive in the cement graves of prisons, we know that through the bars of our cells we gaze a common flaming sky… of revolution and anarchy…

Our life is jack-knifings

in dirty dead-end streets

rotten teeth faded slogans

a basso backstage basement

smells of piss and antiseptic

and rotten sperm. Torn-up posters.

Upanddown. Upanddown Patission.

Our life is Patission Street

The detergent that won’t pollute the sea

and Mitropanos sang his way into our life

but he’s been swallowed by Dexameni

like all the expensive dames.

We stay with it.

A craven life we travel

always the same route.

Humiliation-loneliness-despair. And back.

O.K. We’re not crying. We’ve grown up.

Only when it rains

we secretly suck our thumb. And we smoke.

Our life is

pointless panting

at pre-programmed strikes

stooges and patrol cars.

That’s why I’m telling you.

Next time they’ll let us have it

we shouldn’t run. We should hold our line.

Let’s not sell our asses so cheap, man.

Don’t. It’s raining. Gimme a smoke






«While the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire has yet to explicitly name the U.S. as a target, the anti-capitalist values the group holds coupled with the disdain for western states suggest that such a scenario cannot be ruled out. An alliance with American Antifa factions is another possibility to consider. Given that Greek law enforcement suspects the Conspiracy played a part in the killing of two ultra-right Golden Dawn members in 2013, the current alt-right surge running through America could serve as the impetus for such an alliance to occur.[ Indeed, this group appears resurgent.»


March 25, 2021
Ottawa, Ontario

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on the 200th anniversary of Greece’s independence:

“Today, on the 200th anniversary of Greece’s independence, we celebrate with Greeks around the world, including nearly 300,000 Canadians of Greek heritage who call our country home.

“In past years, Greek communities have marked this day with family gatherings and large parades. On several occasions, I have had the opportunity to participate in the annual festivities in Montréal, and to witness first-hand the sense of joy and community that this day brings. Celebrations will be different this year as we continue to fight the global COVID-19 pandemic, but Canadians of Greek heritage will continue to find ways to honour this special anniversary – whether through virtual calls with friends or by sharing a meal of bakaliaros and skordalia at home.

“Canada and Greece have a longstanding and close relationship, built over more than 75 years of diplomatic relations. We collaborate in multilateral organizations such as the United Nations, NATO, and La Francophonie, and enjoy greater commercial success for both Canadian and Greek businesses through the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement. We look forward to deepening our partnership as we collaborate on shared priorities, including peace and security.

“On behalf of the Government of Canada, I offer my best wishes to everyone celebrating Greece’s Independence Day, here in Canada and around the world.

“Ζήτω η Ελλάς”